The dwarf wizard, Grimm. And his huge, fuck-off beard.

Brill. Ball point pen sketch.

A sketch from the next Drawing Lance comic strip.

Another drawing today for #inktober because I missed yesterday. Joyous bard.

Dwarf fighter for #inktober

Who is Brill? A fur trader’s daughter or a dormant mystic…

Been updating Drawing Lance regularaly. The new art style has helped! This means more comics toward adventure!

"Who is she? She’s beautiful."

Morning sketch. Brill. Who is Brill?

Morning sketch. Brill. Who is Brill?

Yet another panel from the Eisner exhibit. I love this guys character design.

Found an old sketchbook with a bunch of Han Solo drawings.

Self Portrait. Artist’s block.

Work in progress for Irontooth design. Coming up in new Drawing Lance comics! #dnd #webcomics

Digital sketchbook. Kobold for

Complete Ninaran character design.