Daily Spell Book: Aufero Pollex

Aufero Pollex (Remove Thumbs)

With a hoary look and an arcane gesture the wizard makes the thumbs of his opponent disappear. The thumbs are sent to a parallel dimension for 1D6 rounds/lvl and when they come back are freezing cold (-2 on all DEX checks until warmth is regained).
The wizard must have thumbs to cast the spell, and must draw blood from one or both of his thumbs.
Backfire: The wizard’s entire left hand is sent to the parallel dimension for 1D6 rounds/lvl.
Special: At lvl 7 the wizard can choose to make Remove Thumbs permanent.
By: Tim Mucci; the Tabeltop Wizard
"You have to be careful with this spell because it is similair in sympathetic thumb use to the "I got your Nose" spell. Also see the variation developed by Blingstreff Trub-Tel the Gnome Sorcerer called All Thumbs. For a period of 1 minute the caster turns all the fingers of an opponant into thumbs. Any dexterous hand use can not be used, and items are immediately dropped (80% spell failure, -5 attak, forget trying to pick a lock). Unlike the other spells the components are a bag of ground thumb nails no blood involved.”
-Jordan “Wolfgar” Smith